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Kirk McDonald's photo safari of his stay at CERN during the Hg loop unpacking and verification of status of the mercury loop:

2nd-5th April 07


See the last photo for a possible issue....

shows the bent eyebolt that was attached to one of the snout support cables.

shows how the rubber collar now overhangs the taper of the snout by quite a

lot.   This led to speculation that the snout had been moved towards the

secondary box, possibly damaging the primary vessel.

shows how the snout was about 4" above the box below when in nominal position.  The snout fell down this 4" during transports => about a 4 deg bend to the flex joints of the snout.

after removing the top and sides of the shipping box.

the imaging fibers, with the Al cover plate off for the optics test.

the primary pressurization test

Michael Lazzaroni replaced the bent eyebolt with an M6 bolt + washer => snout supported by cables again.

shows S buckling of the heater leads due to the relative motion of rubber collar and snout.

shows how the rubber collar is now 15" long. It was probably originally

about 12" long.  The new collar, shown below, is only 11" long.   Some of

the spirals of the collar have been stretched a lot!

top view of the primary flex couplings after sliding the rubber collar off.

I was able to tighten the clamp on the larger coupling by more than 1 turn.

Side view of the flexible couplings.  It looks to me as if the feedpipe from

the syringe has been bent downwards.   Looking into the secondary box thru

the lexan lid, it also looks like the pipe up from the syringe is not vertical => possible bending of the 90-bend just after the syringe port.

=> this joint could leak under the 40 bar pressure needed for 20 m/s jet.


Proceed with caution in May when we exercise the mercury loop.