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We propose to perform a proof-of-principle test of a target station suitable for a Neutrino Factory or Muon Collider source using a 24-GeV proton beam incident on a target consisting of a free mercury jet that is inside a 15-T capture solenoid magnet. This test could be performed in the TT2A tunnel of the NTOF proton line (upstream of the spallation target). The tests would require only  ~100 fast-extracted pulses of full PS intensity, delivered in a pulse-on-demand mode of operation over about 10 shifts. The main piece of apparatus is the LN2-precooled, 15-T copper magnet with a 15-cm-diameter warm bore and total volume slightly over 1 m3. The principle diagnostic is a high-speed optical camera. The mercury jet is part of a closed mercury loop that includes an insert into the bore of the magnet.

Proposal (submitted to INTC): Studies of a Target System for a 4-MW, 24-GeV Proton Beam
      Approved as nToF11, alias MERIT

MERIT Control room (272 S-002): Tel. 75337 or 75622
Cellular(s): 160345 and 162845

CERN Control room (Prevessin): Tel. 76677 or 77500

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