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Response to “MERIT cryogenics project” review (EDMS 710659)

TDR solenoid

Techn. specifications of the DVB

2. Cryostat mechanical design

  1. Material certificates can be found in TDR solenoid.

  2. User's notice are not yet available.

  3. Drawings can be found at TDR solenoid.

  4. A list and all results of planned safety inspections, safety checks and quality controls.

  5. No weld certificates can be provided. The collaboration states on the quality assurance program at CVIP. CVIP ASME quality assurance procedures are intended to impose weld and welder qualifications, and inspector and inspection requirements. There is no radiography because the weld efficiency (70%, TDR, page 69) used in the design allowed for the limited inspection. The MERIT  collaboration attaches the witnessed pressure test protocol by CVIP.

  6. Welding procedures and qualifications can be found in TDR solenoid.

  7. Welder qualifications can be found at TDR solenoid.

  8. The MERIT collaboration presented FEA simulations (excerpt from presentation) on the buckling resistance of the vacuum jacket (as-built) at the Review of February 2006 (presentation P. Titus, page 37). The design with a 4.7 mm outer thickness respects the requirement of a safety factor 5.

  9. The maximum operating pressure of the cryostat has been redefined to 10 bar (as for the whole cryogenics system.

  10. With a maximum operating pressure of 10 bar, the presented calculations show sufficient strength of the bolts used for head closure.

  11. A description of the common setup with the mercury loop can be found in the "The MERIT target System Design and Operations Report", specifically P 31-39.

  12. Mode of transport of the solenoid and stress calculations of the lifting bars can be found in the presentation (page 5) at the pre-installation review of March 2007.

3. Cryogenic design

3.1 Cryostat

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3.2 Vacuum jacket

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3.3 Other

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